Tours of Tuscany

Tailor-made travel services and experiencess

Tuscany is the essence of art, history, gastronomy and culture!

In our region you may find Italy’s best appeals: unique landscapes with enchanting hills, manor houses, typical villas and medieval castles mostly situated on hilltops with breathtaking views on vineyards and olive trees.

Medioeval cities of art such as Florence where you can stroll through its narrow streets enjoying the history and the architecture of important and magnificent buildings .

You will be able to taste the Tuscan typical cuisine and appreciate its strong and sharp tastes; the wise and original cooking is also taught by professional chefs during their practical cooking lessons.

The Chianti region, in the hearth of Tuscany, is tied to its wine culture: wine tasting tour are proposed all year around.

In Siena the Palio horse race is one of the most popular Italian manifestation: the city is decked out in lamps and flags bearing the Contrade colours. During this periods we plan guided tours especially aimed to let you participate to this passionate event.


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