Baloon Flight

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Baloon Flight

Flying with an air balloon is one of the most exciting experience you can live. The world “under your feet” looks different …It is not important flying higher and higher but it is important flying over the rooves of the houses, the top of the trees … beautiful and undiscovered places!

Flying over Siena you will have breathtaking views over this perfect ancient city. From this launch site, you will get spectacular views of the warm glowing rose-colored brick and silver-gray travertine of the Renaissance city. In the distance, you will see Chianti, its castles and vineyards and woods to the North. The soft rolling gray and sienna red hills and the downland of the Crete Senesi with the monumental Monte Amiata are in the distance to the South.

We fly in the early morning just after dawn. The inflation takes about 30 minutes, and the flight approximately 1 hour depending on wind and weather conditions. Although we fly all year round, the “ballooning season” is approximately late spring to early autumn with annual variations.

These hot air balloons are designed with a balloon basket also suitable for disabled passengers in a wheelchair.

You can also enjoy romantic anchored flights at the sunset, when the colours of the landscape are changing from orange to rose.

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